AAMN Application

Meeting AAMN Objectives

The following segments are descriptions and summations of how VUSN is meeting AAMN organization objectives, including information on curriculum, course syllabi, education, and AAMN member support.

Objective A

Encourage men of all ages to become nurses and join together with all nurses in strengthening and humanizing health care.”

We meet this objective, in part, through participation in elementary school presentations about nursing as a career and high school career fairs. We have presented twice at a national conference to Graduate Nursing Admission Professional (GNAP). The aim of these presentations was to generate discussion and ideas on how to have the greatest impact on recruitment and retention efforts for men in nursing. On campus, we have active recruitment activities, especially at open house events. We work with other minority groups of nurses (e.g., Black Student Nurses Association, LGBTI) to present at VUSN Cultural Diversity Day to emphasize that nursing is open and sensitive to the needs of all minority groups within its ranks and in society at large. In addition, we have male presence on all VUSN standing committees and male student and faculty representation on the School's Diversity and Inclusivity Committee. Male VUSN faculty also serve on several key university committees (e.g. Faculty Senate).