Academy for Diverse Emerging Nurse Leaders

November 14-18, 2022

Vanderbilt University School of Nursing
Nashville, TN

An opportunity for nurses from underrepresented groups in health care leadership and academia to gain skills and knowledge for success. 

Take part in a life-changing career development program led by experienced leaders from diverse backgrounds who are committed to equipping emerging nurse leaders and faculty for success.

If you’re a member of an underrepresented group in nursing leadership and/or are committed to expanding and supporting diversity in nursing leadership and have been in a  faculty or leadership role for less than three years, apply for the inaugural Academy for Diverse Emerging Nurse Leaders, a new fellowship program for nurse faculty and health care leaders developed at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing.

This unique leadership academy is taught by experienced faculty and health care leaders from diverse backgrounds, and is specifically designed to serve the needs of new and emerging nurse leaders and faculty. 

Rolanda Johnson and Mamie Williams

Co-Directors Rolanda Johnson and Mamie Williams


What Makes This Program Different?

  • Explores the challenges to being a leader from an underrepresented group  personally and institutionally, as well as the challenges in supporting and expanding diversity
  • Wide breadth of leaders across disciplines—not just nursing leaders
  • Speakers include regional, national and international leaders
  • Benefit from two assigned mentors: One from the academy will serve as an authentic executive coach and be aligned with your leadership project. The second will be a mentor from your home institution who can support you in developing your project and in implementing what you learn at the academy.
  • Connect with leaders from underrepresented groups (nurse and non-nurse)

At each step of the way, you’ll benefit from the authentic stories and experiences of real-life, working leaders who share their hard-earned knowledge and skills with you.  


What You’ll Learn

Over the course of the fellowship, you and your peer emerging nurse leader fellows will be empowered as leaders through ongoing mentorship, strategic planning and a five-day, in-person academy session where you’ll learn:

  • productive conflict
  • skills to manage people you supervise—and manage your peers and supervisors
  • your own management style
  • organizational financial management 
  • identifying and understanding stakeholder management and 
  • managing and mediating unconscious bias


Build Your Tool Kit for Success as a Nurse Leader

  • Tools to empower you as health care leaders or faculty members
  • Core managerial knowledge such as finance, strategic planning and operations
  • The skills and confidence to have tough conversations
  • Understanding on how your personal experiences shape your leadership or instructional style 
  • Suggestions on how—and why it’s necessary—to build a community of supporters
  • Colleagues from around the country with whom you’ll share learning and understanding


Benefits to Organizations and Schools

It’s no secret that nursing schools and health care systems want and need faculty and leaders from diverse backgrounds and populations. To provide quality, inclusive health care, it’s important that nursing staff and leadership reflect the diverse populations that they serve. Nursing schools need to recruit diverse faculty and students to shape the education of that future nursing workforce. The Academy for Diverse Emerging Nurse Leaders offers a path to equipping their outstanding emerging leaders and giving them the tools to advance and lead.


Applicant Criteria

  • A graduate degree in nursing is preferred
  • Serving in a leadership role less than 3 years
  • Identify with an ethnic/racial or other underrepresented group and/or are committed to expanding and supporting diversity in nursing leadership
  • Leadership support from your dean, chief nursing officer or direct supervisor 
  • Have identified a mentor at your institution or organization 

As part of your fellowship, you will design a project that demonstrates leadership and/or addresses an issue connected to your work. While each fellow’s project should be specific to their needs and strengths, projects should align with your work’s organizational goals and objectives.  You will be supported in this project as both your institutional and academy mentor work to facilitate the design and or implementation of the project.